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About Polish Pottery Sales

How did Polish Dish Market start?

Visit the leader in Polish Pottery Sales onlineMy youngest daughter and her family moved to Vienna, Austria in 2006. In 2007 during Spring Break, my husband and I went to visit them. I had never been to Europe so it was an exciting experience. My daughter was using beautiful dishes during our visit and told me it was Polish pottery. I fell in love with it, but did not have enough time to shop. A year later I went back to Vienna without my husband. My daughter and I spent hours shopping for Polish pottery and I started my collection. I was impressed with its durability and beauty. In 2010, I retired after 25 years of teaching and decided to open a small Polish pottery shop. While I was getting my shop started, I made the decision to start a website, as well! So here I am in 2013 with a Polish pottery shop featuring hundreds of items and a website featuring thousands!

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